Event Services

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We Make Events Extraordinary

Neff Productions provides event coordinator and event services that cover all aspects of any event. From production, marketing, and programming to consulting. Let Neff Productions make an ordinary event extraordinary!


  • Site Development
  • Hiring/Management of Event Production Team
  • Development & Execution of a Action Plan
  • Signage
  • Merchandising, Food & Beverage
  • Permits & Insurance


  • Media Partnering
  • Ticket/Button Program
  • Event Registration
  • Public Relations
  • VIP Events
  • Sponsor Visibility, Hospitality & Fulfillment


  • Venue Selection & Contracting
  • Budget Management


  • Strategic Plans to Create Events that Address Goals
  • Development of Event Action Plan, Budget & Timeline
  • Community Building Event Plan Development
  • Talks to Revitalize Event Ideas for Greater Impact